8 Ways to Track WhatsApp Data

8 Ways to Track WhatsApp Data


How do you track WhatsApp data? With technology, of course! It’s time to stop worrying about who your teen is chatting with online, or if your employees are doing their jobs on company time. Just because it’s not on your computer doesn’t mean you can’t see it – check out these eight ways to track WhatsApp data and finally gain the peace of mind you deserve!

How to track WhatsApp data on Android

WhatsApp is an incredibly popular messaging app that allows you to send SMS messages, images, videos, and audio files with or without your contacts. You may want to keep track of everything your child sends or receives through WhatsApp, especially if they have a habit of forwarding strange images to people without your permission. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can track WhatsApp data on Android. We’ll look at a few here: using WhatsApp Web on your PC, using mobile monitoring software like Mobistealth (PCMag’s Editor’s Choice), and using third-party apps such as Xnspy. To start monitoring WhatsApp usage on Android with Mobistealth, simply install it and create an account for $30 per month after a 14-day free trial ends.


How to monitor WhatsApp messages from a PC

Messaging apps have taken over as our go-to way of staying in touch with friends and family. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google Hangouts—all have hundreds of millions of users and they’ve also become big business. The companies behind these apps can make a ton of money by selling information about your chats (and personal data) to advertisers. If you want to know how much your contacts are sharing, here’s how you can track WhatsApp data from a PC.


How can I see deleted messages in my chats?

Don’t worry. If you’ve accidentally deleted a message before reading it, you can still recover it. All you need is a recent backup of your phone and a few minutes. Launch your phone’s default messaging app, whether that be Android Messages or SMS/MMS on iOS.


How do I know if someone read my message?

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, which means that any data you send is scrambled up and made unreadable by anyone without your key. This also means that nobody—not even WhatsApp—can see what’s in your messages, although they can still see how many messages have been sent and received. The privacy of your messages is protected even if someone gets access to your phone because they won’t be able to get into those messages without your key. If you lose your phone or it’s stolen, you can simply re-install WhatsApp and log back in with your key on a new device.


How can I hide my online status from others?

All you need to do is go into WhatsApp’s settings menu and scroll down until you see Show online status in purple lettering. You can turn off your online status by tapping on it and selecting No. You’ll still be able to see when your contacts are online, but they won’t be able to tell if you’re online or not. To completely hide your profile from everyone, tap on the Profile photo, select Hidden and then turn off Last seen. This way, your profile picture won’t appear next to a contact name when they start a chat with you. To change back, just tap on each of these fields again, enter a character like an underscore _ (without quotation marks) and then confirm that you want it hidden.


How does WhatsApp encryption work?

It’s called end-to-end encryption, and it means that only you and a friend (or family member) can read your messages—not cybercriminals, not corporations. That’s because your chat is encrypted both while it’s in transit from one device to another and at rest on WhatsApp servers. But what does that mean? Here are four terms you should know


How does the backup system for WhatsApp work?

You can only see messages from people who have your phone number. If someone sends you a message from their phone number, you’ll be able to read it. For example, if I text my friend on her iPhone and she responds, I won’t be able to read that response because I don’t have her phone number. That said, there are ways around that restriction — like having your contact share their WhatsApp account’s username with you or allowing another person’s iPhone user name and password (but not account) on one of your devices.

Can you read WhatsApp messages on an iPhone?

Like many other popular messaging apps, including iMessage and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp encrypts messages between users by default. That means you can’t see what’s inside a friend’s or family member’s messages—not even law enforcement officials can read them unless they get access to your phone (or if someone who isn’t a friend sends a message). If you have an iPhone, however, that doesn’t mean you’re entirely protected: your wireless carrier might be collecting some of your WhatsApp data. Here’s how that happens and how you can protect yourself.


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