5 secret WhatsApp tips and tricks | playstoreofficial

5 secret WhatsApp tips and tricks | playstoreofficial

Here are 5 secret whatsapp tips and tricks you have never seen before. Now, you will be able to:

 Secure your chat

Enjoy stylish fonts

Adjust your privacy & many more.


These 5 secret WhatsApp tips and tricks are specially designed for those people who remain mostly active on WhatsApp and use it for business purposes too.

With these secret tips and tricks you can surprise anyone with stylish fonts for messages and many other things described here.


You can get these secret WhatsApp tips and tricks through 5 apps which are working greatly. You can get these apps from here and also know about their features.


Let’s introduce yourself with these apps.



♦New Chat Style For WhatsApp

♦GB Chat Office For WhatsApp

♦Click to chat

These were 5 apps that give you secret WhatsApp tips and tricks which many people not know.

Now look at features of these apps(one-by-one) to make use of these apps for WhatsApp chat.



This app is really revolutionary app that holds many secret WhatsApp tips and tricks.This app provides you many tools for a safe chat and status saving on WhatsApp.

This app’s features are;

🔹Status Saver.

You can save any status in the form of videos or images from WhatsApp through this app.

🔹Recover deleted chat.

🔹Chat Style.

Different stylish fonts are available in this app to beautify your chat.

🔹Sticker Maker.

This is the very thing that a WhatsApp user needed. You can make stickers of your own will and with your own photo in this app.




This app is uniquer in it’s features because it can provide you keyboard which supports many languages. Some languages are;







This feature is really incredible and it’s a secret WhatsApp tip and trick.



3•New Chat Style For WhatsApp:

This app is specially designed to give your chat fancy look and stylish fonts. Stylish emojis are also present in this app to chat with.



4•GB Chat Offline For WhatsApp:

This app is also unique in it’s working and holds many secret WhatsApp tips and tricks. It also supports GB version of WhatsApp.
You can reply to other chatter without showing your online status.
See messages privately without showing online status to sender of these messages.Messages will be shown unseen to sender.



5•Click To Chat:

You can chat to any number without saving it in your phone. You can also shorten links through this app.



So guys, these were some secret WhatsApp tips and tricks for WhatsApp users. Hope you have enjoyed it.Donct forget to share with friends.

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