Top 3 Free Balance Apps | Free Top-Up Apps in Pakistan

3 Revolutionary Apps For Unlimited Free Balance

Guys, here are three exciting applications that provide you free balance for your calling and also serve you with free of cost voice & video calling and chatting with your friends and family.Other amzing features that these apps provide are discussed below and all these features are in your favour and are according to your demand.1st take a look at these apps features then we will tell you that how can you download these apps.


2.BLABLA Connect


Let see their features and enjoy these apps after installation.


This app is a huge revolution in today’s era and it has understanded demands of people.This app is not only related to free balance but also provides charity programms. When you earn balance from this app then you can withdraw it, store it or donate it by its charity program.Donation will be given to the person of your choice.

<How Can You Earn Balance From This App

There are some easy ways to get balance freely from this app.Following are some procedures to get free balance.


You will have to play games of your interest which are already present in the app.After playing games or during playing games you will be given rewards in the form of free balance which you can use for calling or you can also withdraw it.As discussed earlier you can donate this balance.

.Shopping Online

If you will proceed your online shopping through this app then you will get things at low cost and your savings will be donated by your agreement.


This app has exciting features that may not be present in any other app in the world.

1.Instant Earn

Your earning through this app is instant and it will not be kept in pending all work is instant and after earning balance its your choice that what to do with it.

2.Store Credit

If you are not interested in using your earned balance then you can store it and option for withdrawing it is available for you at any time.

3.Invite More/Earn More

You can also invite your friends to work on this app and more work you will done,more will you earn.

How to download this app

Download option is given to you below by us you will jus click on it and app will instlled in few seconds then you will be able to enjoy its features.👇


*BLABLA Connect

This is the second app that is also known as international calling appapp that allows you calling at low cost to  any country in the world


This app provides unbelievable features that are given below.

.International Calling

This provides a platform for international calling to any country.As you know that country to country calling have much higher cost so this app also provides low cost calling to any oart of the world.

.High Quality

Other exciting feature is that this app provides high quality calling without any signal dropping issue.

.Calling Bundles

Calling bundles is another good thing as companies give bundles,This app also gives option for bundles that could be set for week or month at very low cost.

.One Account For Unlimited Devices

You can make only one account for this app and can use this app on unlimited devices without making any new account.

Other features include balance transfer to  your friends and family and you can schedule messages which will be sent automatically at scheduled time.

Download Link for this app is given right below👇



This app not only provides free balance for chat with friends but also provides platform for making new friends.


This app has many features like other two apps that are given below.

1.Create Stories

You can create short videos and edit them to upload on tiktok or facebook.awesome editting features are present  in this app.

2.Qibla Finder

Thus app also provides platform for Qibla finding


This app provides news from world’s biggest platforms like “Dawn News”.You are updated by each and every happening in the world


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