How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat-Top 3 Ways

How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat-Top 3 Ways

If you have deleted WhatsApp chat accidently and you are wanting to recover deleted WhatsApp chat in your android phone,here is the method for you.

Here is the real method to recover your deleted WhatsApp chat,videos & images in just a few seconds with the help of an amazing app called “WhatsDelete”.

This app not only helps to recover your deleted chat, but also helps in saving statuses. You can make your things better with WhatsApp by using this amazing app “WhatsDelete”.

This app holds many features to make your day good with WhatsApp.Following are some amazing features of this app to recover deleted WhatsApp chat & others.


•Recover Deleted Messages From WhatsApp.

• Restore Deleted Images From WhatsApp.

• Recover & Restore Deleted Videos in your android mobile phone through WhatsDelete apk.

• Save every status in your mobile phone, by just one click.


So, let’s describe these features working and advantages.


• Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat In Android.

WhatsDelete apk gives you a simple method to recover and restore your WhatsApp messages, you have deleted by mistake. You will just install this app in your mobile phone & after opening it, enable all it’s permissions like, access to your media,gallery & files.

After that, you will open this app and select the thing you want to do by this app. If you are wanting to recover deleted WhatsApp chat, than click on “restore chat” option. If you are looking for recovering your WhatsApp media (photos and videos) then click on their respective options to do so.

After selecting your respective options, paste your WhatsApp number for which you are looking to recover WhatsApp deleted chat. Your WhatsApp deleted chat,media files and messages will be visible to you after just a few seconds of processing.

• Recover & Restore Deleted Videos.

WhatsDelete apk also gives you an option for recovery and restorage of deleted videos from any WhatsApp chat.Your deleted videos will be visible to you once, you have selected option for that and pasted respective phone number in the WhatsDelete app.

It’s too simple to recover all your deleted videos, but you have to give permissions to this apk for all proceedings.

•Recover Deleted WhatsApp images.

The method to recover your deleted WhatsApp images is also very simple,just like described in deleted videos section. You will open WhatsDelete app and wilk select the option for recovery of deleted WhatsApp images. Your images will be recovered & restored to your mobile phone after you have clicked the restore button.

• Save Status.

You can also save any status from your WhatsApp contact list, through Whats Delete app.Just click on save status optiom after opening app in your mobile and save status.

So, enjoy all these simple simplest ways to recover deleted WhatsApp chat through this amazing app.

How To Download.

This app is easily available on playstore.But, you can also install this app from download button given below in this playstoreofficial website.


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