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ZIAUDI university – An Education University of Choice For B-school Students

Ziauddin University is a new name for an old institution. The Ziauddin University is also known by the shortened form ZIA. It is a progressive private Islamic university based in Karachi, Sindh and Islamabad. The university is called after the prominent educationist, Ziauddin Ahmed. This university offers various courses including medicine, law, finance, management and international relations.

Ziauddin University was established in 1994 with the merger of several other colleges and institutions. The faculty has a faculty with various qualifications including PhDs, Masters and MBA degrees. There is a strong faculty of academics and experts who have acquired vast knowledge about different fields. This is the main reason for this university to emerge as one of the leading universities in Pakistan.

Ziauddin University is affiliated to a number of other universities and colleges which give students plenty of options to pursue their courses. They can opt for online studies if they are unable to join regular classes. In addition, Ziauddin University offers distance learning programs in addition to regular classes. Online programs are suitable for all kinds of professionals and students who do not possess the time to join regular classes.

Ziauddin University provides various professional programs which suit the needs of its students. These include those who want to become managers or consultants. MBA students can take up internships that help them understand the working environment in an organization. They can also participate in various research projects which help them gain more information about the market and its trends.

Ziauddin University caters to the diverse needs of its students. Therefore, those with different interests can join and pursue their courses. For instance, medicine is extremely popular among students. They can opt for MBBS, BDS or BCA from this university. BDS and BCA are doctorate degrees, however, they are a bit more expensive than normal doctorate degrees. However, the quality and quantity of education that you receive from Ziauddin University is comparable to many top-ranked universities in the world.

Finance is another popular course offered by Ziauddin University. MBA students can opt for finance courses which include investment techniques and financial management. Finance graduates can work for multinational companies or start their own. Ziauddin University also offers specializations in various other fields such as international business, real estate, and management. Ziauddin University is committed to strengthening ties with various industries including banking, travel, and tourism.

If you wish to further your career, you can consider specialization. Finance and business administration are very popular options for those wishing to specialize. MBA students can also choose to pursue specialization in science or management. Agriculture is also popular for those aspiring to get into positions in this sector. Ziauddin University has an agriculture division, which caters to students interested in this field.

In terms of job prospects after graduation, you have a variety of different options. You can work at Ziauddin University as a professor. You can also start your own consultancy. You can also decide to run a company from your home. Research is another option as you can conduct ground-breaking studies in your spare time.

Ziauddin University offers an MBA program with specializations in information technology. Students who choose this specialization can apply to jobs in the IT industry. You can also pursue a PhD program in IT to enhance your knowledge on computer science and engineering. The department of engineering offers several master’s programs in different areas of engineering including bio-medical, industrial, electrical and optical technologies. The school also offers bachelor degrees in general engineering, electrical and optical technology, and carpentry skills.

Students enrolled in Ziauddin University’s online education program can also pursue distance learning. This program enables them to continue attending classes through emails and electronic messaging while working from home or their regular office. Ziauddin University offers online education degrees in general business, information technology, marketing, and finance. You can also enroll for associate degrees in criminal justice and business.

Students can also take part in student seminars offered in the campus. These seminars are usually short and address a specific issue related to campus life. You can opt to take one of these seminars during specific dates that are convenient for you. Ziauddin University offers a large student body and a student union, which bring together not only its own students but members of other campus organizations.

Ziauddin University is a medium college as it has branches in various other Pakistani cities as well as in the international field. Ziauddin University is accredited by the provincial education board and is home to over 4000 students. You can get more information about Ziauddin University online at its official website. If you would like to know more about the courses offered, you can go through Ziauddin University’s site. Ziauddin University offers an easy application process and you can choose to apply either online or through the traditional way.

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