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Riphah University – Education Center For Arab pupils

Riphah University was founded by a group of scholars who were students of Islamic studies. This group of individuals included Dr Muhammad Zakir Naik, Mr. Azhar Masood, Dr Shakeel Butt ul Haq, Mr. Zafar Ahmed, Dr. Ghulam Murtaza, and Prof. Safi Ur Rehman. They were all very successful academicians in their respective fields of study and they felt that this would be a good opportunity for them to teach in a university of this name.

Riphah University is a privately chartered institution in Pakistan, chartered by the Federal Government of Pakistan. The university has been established with the purpose of developing well-rounded professionals with Islamic social and ethical obligations. Education at Riphah is provided in a mixed manner – both in terms of traditional classroom teaching and distance education. Both methods are used to offer a quality education to students.

Classes are taught in both English and Urdu. In addition, courses are also offered in Pashto, Hindi, Punjabi, Sindarin, and Marathi. There is an administration department, a management office, a finance department, a science department, and a computing center. Most of the students are taught by individual scholars, but some students in the past years have been taught by the faculties of Muslim University, Quaid-ul-Unani, and King Alfred College.

The students at Riphah University are under the jurisdiction of the Directorates and Activities of Riphah University. Professors are appointed to the University for a four-year academic course schedule, or for a year-long course program. The students have the option of taking online classes as well as regular courses. The students may also choose to enroll in the Graduate Schools in Pakistan and take up Masters courses or Ph.D.s in Islamic Studies.

Students have a choice between two main academic areas in the college of arms, or humanities and sciences. The subjects for this area are Arts, humanities, commerce, biology and chemistry, and physics. The subjects in the other area are arts, applied sciences, biology, computer studies, earth and environmental sciences, literature and culture, political science, religious studies, sociology and psychology, and technology. All the courses are taught through textbooks, videos, and lectures. There is also a library of over forty thousand books and records.

University has branches in Rawalah, Nazimabad, Hyderabad, Chittorgarh, Fergussala, Karachi, and Islamabad. There are some branches that offer online education as well. Some of the branches of the university have made the campus as large as possible, in order to accommodate the students. There are also government aided educational institutions for the rural students as well as the handicapped students.

The administration of the university is quite efficient. There are about thirteen thousand students who are enrolled in various courses. The University offers various types of degrees, like doctorates, masters, MBA, and MCA. Those who want to specialize can go to their specialty area, like forensic science, or electronics engineering.

University has a campus in Rawalah, which provides all the facilities to study. There are also a few hotels and shopping malls in the vicinity, and a shopping complex near the university campus. The other major activities include the weekly Saturday sermons, and the weekly Friday Prayer, and the dance classes for students. The students from different colleges come to participate in these events.

The University offers various workshops and seminars to the students on a regular basis. They also hold cultural programs every now and then to help the students in enhancing their knowledge on different cultures and lifestyles. The Riphah University also holds workshops for the foreign students. There are many foreign students in the university, who speak English as their first language.

The students of Riphah University are expected to be dedicated to their studies. They should be self-disciplined and punctual, and should work well without getting distracted by their personal life. Their personality should also be above board. They should be honest and hardworking. Before starting their education, they should take a personality test to determine if they have the ability to perform well.

There is no problem in applying for a degree program. They receive lots of applications for undergraduate and post graduate programs. Those who want to start a career in education, can apply for a Master’s program. Those who want to enhance their education, but are not in the position to do so, can seek scholarships and can also take courses online.

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