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AllamaIQ Baluch Islam University

Allama Iqbal University has come up with some innovative concepts to extend the scope of learning beyond the classroom. Its core campus in Islamabad, Pakistan, houses some 6 faculties which are meant for different categories of students – B.B.A., M.A., M. Phil, Ph.D., and D.O.T. from engineering and management disciplines; arts and humanities students; medicine and nursing students; and many more. Undergraduate and graduate education offered by this university is focused on imparting knowledge based on Islamic principles, social justice and economic welfare.

A part from the core curriculum that the university lays emphasis on is a course called Knowledge Assessment and Validation (KVA). This is a two-credit course for students who wish to deepen their knowledge base in core subjects like Management, Economics, Business, Law, and Medicine. This knowledge base is further developed through the teaching and application of core concepts into real life scenarios. A course called Knowledge Discovery is also provided at this university. It aims to inculcate understanding in students about various knowledge issues of current times.

In addition, a major part of the core curriculum at Allama Iqbal University is concerned with knowledge development. This is achieved through courses such as Knowledge Translation and Knowledge Interventions. Students learn how to create knowledge products for self-service and market demand, as well as how to utilize technology for knowledge delivery.

The process of knowledge development begins with teaching students how to translate scientific research findings into knowledge products. These can be used by individuals, organizations, or the government for various purposes. For example, these knowledge products may be used to analyze market data to find out about product demand, or to find out about changes in consumer behavior. Knowledge products can be created through computer programming, oral presentations, and hands-on project work. Knowledge products can also be learned from textbooks and other published sources. The entire process of learning knowledge development is known as knowledge synthesis.

The methodology of knowledge development also includes teaching students how to apply theoretical concepts in real-world situations. This is done through modules such as Problem Analysis, Representation of Data, Analysis of Data, and Learning and Development. Allama Iqbal University has over seventy thousand students who pursue a degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, E Business, Information Technology, and related disciplines. The University also offers a number of graduate and postgraduate programs, which are especially designed for students who wish to specialize in a specific discipline of study. Some of the degree programs are specifically centred on areas such as business law, strategic management, economics, risk management, and organizational leadership.

Allama Iqbal University also provides students with the opportunity to enhance their personal career growth by providing online associate degrees, certification programs, and master’s degree programs. These programs enable students to become professionals in their field. Students can also choose to participate in a short distance and full time online courses. This helps students gain knowledge on different aspects of management that are otherwise hard to attain. Online learning is also beneficial because it enables students to continue with their job while enhancing their career prospects.

Allama Iqbal University is committed to improving the quality of education and training available in the country. It strives to become the best university in Pakistan by providing high quality education and knowledge development to its students. A major part of this effort focuses on its faculty, who are considered the jewels of the institution. These faculty members are held in high regard because they have made a significant contribution towards the growth of Allama Iqbal University. The faculties are committed to offering first class education and knowledge development to their students, and they are also committed to protecting the interests of their students.

The allama has the responsibility of developing and imparting knowledge not only to the students but also to the entire Pakistan population. These professionals play an important role in educating the masses about various subjects. With the advent of the internet, more students from across the world can access the allama university. Students can access various information online including the subject choices and prerequisites. With this knowledge, students will be in a better position to decide on the course they would like to pursue.

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